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Gemstone Education - Information Evenings - BOOK NOW | Plumery
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gemstone jewellery education canberra

Coloured Gemstones

Unlocking the Rainbow

“Gemstones have a beauty unlike anything else because they allow light inside and refract it.”

Enter the captivating kaleidoscopic world of coloured jewels. The night that a rainbow of gems are laid out before you and you learn their exotic names, fascinating colour variations and how they came to be before you. We are here to widen your knowledge of these beautiful stones. You can look at them like a gemologist under a jewelers’ loupe, feel their weight in your hands and try on all manner of jewels to see which suit you.

This might be the night that starts a love affair with colour –blues, red or whatsoever the heart desires. This is a night that has you walking away with a deeper understanding of all the coloured gems that are available to you and perhaps finding the colour or jewel that is beautifully individual to you.


Reserve Your Spot via Message Us on the Contact page

Plumery’s education evenings are immensly popular and spaces fill up fast. Be sure to reserve your spot now