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Learn about Jewellery & Gemstones - Canberra Jewellers | Plumery
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learn about jewellery gemstones

Education Evenings

Have you ever wondered what the 4 ‘C’s are when buying diamonds?

What makes sapphires blue and rubies red? How are pearls produced and graded? How long does it take to make a ring? And what is the difference between ‘old mine’ and ‘brilliant’ cut gems?

Plumery’s Education Evenings are aimed at broadening your jewellery and gemmology knowledge. Some feel the jewellery industry is relatively secretive or exclusive by nature. This can make it challenging or intimidating for customers to feel like they really understand what it is they are purchasing and where the value lies.

At the Plumery Studio, in small groups of 4 to 8, the education sessions will begin with a glass of champagne and a relaxed discussion about your chosen topic. The latter half of the session will be hands on – for example – studying gems with a jewellers’ loupe, looking at different coloured pearls to find which one best suits your skin tone, examining the diverse cuts and colours of diamonds, trying on different types of jewellery to see what best suits you, and much more.


$45 per person (cost will be deducted from any purchases or orders made on the evening)

Request a booking via Message Us on the Contact page

Our first 5 Education Topics are:

  • Diamonds – More than the 4 ‘C’s
  • Coloured Gemstones – Unlocking the Rainbow
  • Pearls – Not Just for the Queen
  • Jewellery History & Design – What’s Your Style?
  • Made to Order – design your own evening for you and your friends!