The Jewellery Concierge

Think of Plumery as a jewellery concierge – Danielle is your “GP of Jewellery”

The first ‘store front’ is a luxurious boutique by appointment only, located in the Equinox Business Park in Deakin ACT. 

Think of Plumery as a jewellery concierge – Danielle is your “GP of Jewellery”. The art of creating a piece begins with an appointment to discuss your requirements and design a piece or a suite of jewellery that you desire.

Bespoke jewellery creation is an artisanal craft, and depending on the style of the design Danielle will either make the piece herself or call upon a selection of highly skilled crafts people. It is the perfect combinations of design, gold, diamonds and precious gems; together with the skillsets of jewellers, diamond setting, polishing and engraving, that results in custom-made exquisite jewellery.

However, shortly we will also be open gallery style on Saturdays for people to visit the boutique and review the current collections (please watch the website for updates). 

As part of our services we provide:
  • Secure worldwide (to most locations) and interstate delivery
  • Life time clean and check service on Plumery jewellery
  • Valuations of jewellery
  • Bespoke jewellery designs
  • International grading certificates
  • Lifetime warranty on bespoke jewellery
  • Responsible sourcing of all gemstones